ATS® Belly Dance Costuming

Traditional ATS®  costuming takes it's influence from authentic and original vintage folkloric textiles and jewellery sourced from all around the world although particularly from North Africa and India.  As much of our costuming is vintage it is usually always handmade in the country from which it originates.  However, it can also be great fun collecting and sources various pieces and components of costuming to create ourselves making it a one-off unique item.  

A typical basic ATS® costume would consist of a choli top, 4-5 yard bloomers/pantaloons, a 10-25 yard skirt, a belt & shawl, a coin bra, some sort of full headdress comprising hair sticks, pins and flowers and layers upon layers of ethnic jewellery. 

Music is varied and is chosen for it's traditional sound but sometimes modern fusion can also be used too, all of which adds to the total ethnic effect of bringing an ancient form of dance and costume back to life in a modern era.

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Tribal Bellydance Stuff  

:: Luxury Velvet & Cotton 4-way stretch  Cholis ::

:: Luxury Stretch Lace Cholis :: 

::Velvet & Cotton 4-way stretch Halter Neck tops::

::  3/4 yd Bloomers   ::  

:: Ghawazee Coats ::

:: Turkish Entari ::

:: Belt Bases ::  

.................and much more..................

All made by hand by me for a truly perfect fit  


Here's a glimpse of some choli designs and colours 

Cholis in Action....hall of fame...

Velvet Claw (Maxine Parfitt -Brennan) is also a FatChanceBellyDance® Teacher and Sister Studio since 2009 for more information please click onto our Ratnavali Tribal Facebook page