Ghawazee Coats & Dresses, Turkish Entari & Medieval Kirtles

My Ghawazee Coats and Turkish Entari are made to measure from a variety of fabrics such 100% cotton weave for a more folkloric look, crushed velvet, Chinese/Japanese brocade and much more.  The can be lined or unlined with a variety of sleeve choices. Sides and/or front can be corseted to allow for a more snug or loose fit and there is a choice or clasps and ties. Ghawazee Coats come under the bust whilst Turkish Entari covers the bust. Great for dancing in or as a cover up.

Here's a few photos to give some idea but there will be many more to follow....

Prices vary between £60 to £120 depending on fabric used, whether lined or unlined etc etc. Please feel free to contact me for a chat about any ideas you have in mind.