About Velvet Claw 

I work on my own and create everything by hand in my Sewing Studio at home. I have always loved making and creating things.  I started making clothes for myself and then also for my daughters when they were little many years ago. It's great creating something a bit different that actually fits properly. Although I'm petite it does come with it's own set of problems as standard sized clothing nearly always needs to have the proportions altering to fit properly.
Creativity is in my blood as I come from a line of silk weavers, tailors, dress makers, milliners and artists who have passed their skills on to me, which is probably why I love doing it so much!
I also started making my own belly dance costumes in 1998.  At that time they were difficult to come by and I would painstakingly sew each sequin, bead and jewel on by hand which takes up much time and patience - the finished costume however is very much worth all the effort. Since 2007 I have also been making ATSĀ® belly dance costumes.  This is where imagination and creative expression can really run wild.
After receiving many requests from family, friends, fellow dancers and everyone else I know I now follow my passion and let my imagination run riot on creating something unique and really special for those that ask!! So please don't be afraid to get in touch with me.
So, whether you are a Vintage, Tribal Belly Dance or Petite Velvet Paw Showkittycat I am sure I can create something really special that you would want to get your claws or paws on!!