Bloomers/Pantaloons and Rupali Skirts

Three toFour yard bloomers/pantaloons are £30.      
Rupali Skirts are £55 (when I have time to make these skirts as it is time consuming)


My Rupali Skirt Story

Almost all of the sarees I have are vintage and I buy them when I go to Goa and India but I do have a few from other sources too. I really like the idea that they have been worn before and have a little bit of 'history' all of their own. Some are in almost perfect condition but others have a couple of signs of wear and tear. Most are cotton but sometimes manage to get some that have heavy metal thread in the weave and are perfect for something like a Ghawazee coat or a Turkish entari. I have been calling my skirts 'Rupali' as it is Indian Sanskrit for beautiful. It also reminds me of when I went to one of the elephant sanctuaries in India. They had managed to rescue, one by one over a period of a few years, a whole family of elephants from some hideous logging company and it was lovely to see them reunited and being looked after properly. The matriarch elephant is called Rupali. I love elephants...